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Mischiefblue is my user name and is made up from Mischief (my cat at the time) and Blue - which is my favourite colour.

My parents are called Donald and Margaret and I have a brother called Philip. Sadly my Mother passed away in 2010 and my Brother passed away 2013.

I own a beagle called Toby, he pops up around the site now and again, I also have two cats – (Cheeky and Mischieftwo) and two rabbits (Bolt and Apache).

I'm interested in horses - especially Racehorses, followed by Beagles, Mental Health and Computers - mainly DTP and Web Design. Hobbies include photography, the odd visit to the Races, walking with Toby.

I'm lucky enough to enjoy most types of music and I like Abseiling and would like to do more of that.

After leaving school in 1976 I started work for Ginger McCain. The first 2 horses that I looked after properly were called Grand Hope and Silent Comfort, before starting work full time I had helped out after school and learnt quite a lot about horses with the help of a horse called Crocodillo. I worked for Ginger full time up till 1990 and then I worked in a sweet factory in Southport after the death of Honeygrove Banker.

During my time with Ginger I looked after many horses and needless to say I fell off quite a few too. I was happiest when looking after Kumbi, Honeygrove Banker and Red Rum.

I did part company with Red Rum on one occasion and that happened in front of the TV cameras in the sand hills, we brought down a young Donald McCain, we were going up a sand hill and the horses just spooked at the cameras, Red tripped over and Donald's horse Burrogerrard (Royalty - Kitty Gerard) couldn't avoid us and unshipped the young lad, who has now joined the top class trainers.

After losing Honeygrove Banker at Uttoxeter in 1989 I left racing and went to work in a proper Willy Wonka Place making the likes of Chewits and Double Devon Toffee. A bit sad that the factory has been demolished now as there were good times there too.

Plans for the future include the possibility of making a living by being a website designer, I should get a couple of years out of it before I retire!!

Many strange things happen throughout our lifes, the strangest thing that happened to me is that on the day that Red died I went off on my first holiday abroad and didn't find out until the following day, while looking for the Red Rum Bar in Bugibba, Malta.

I couldn't quite believe it when we asked for directions and the guy said that Red Rum was dead. I told him that it wasn't true but he showed us the paper and sure enough there it was in black and white.

I am very honoured to have been part of this horse's life, as I looked after him for a few of those years. He may have been retired at the time but we had lots of good times going to different places and meeting people, and also visiting friends and family, while out on our daily exercise.

Red Rum was a lot of fun to look after and to ride. He was always playing around bucking and kicking and even throwing in the odd nip, but never meaning to hurt you. If he did ever catch you he'd back off very quickly.

It's sometimes hard to believe that I was part of Red Rums life, at the time when you've got something good you think that it's going to last forever. You have to make that happen by holding onto the memories.

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